Mediterranean Association of Pediatric Surgeons



    1. Mediterranean Members
      Any fully trained Pediatric Surgeon who is registered as a medical practitioner with the registering body of their country of practice is eligible for memberschip, provided that:
        1. Their professional practice is confined to the practice of Pediatric Surgery or largely engaged in pediatric surgical practice or made a special contribution to pediatric surgery.

        2. The nature of their practice is such as to give them special interest in the subject of Pediatric Surgery.

    1. Non-Mediterranean Members:
      Fully qualified surgeons engaged in Pediatric Surgery outside the mediterranean area.

    1. Honorary Members:
      Surgeons or others who have made outstanding contributions to Pediatric Surgery.

    1. Senior Members:
      Former ordinary or non-mediterranean members elected on their retirement from acitve practice.

    1. Associate Members:

        1. Consultants in related specialties other than surgery

        2. Registrars or equivalent trainees in Pediatric Surgery, general
           surgery or other surgical specialities.

Candidades for membership are elected by majority vote of the Executive Committee of the Association.


    1. An annual subscription of Euro 20,00 shall be payable by ordinary members of the Association, Euro 10,00 for associate members.
    2. Subscription fees only to be altered by majority vote at a General Meeting of the Association.